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VIPKid Review I haven’t used VIPKid personally, so am not giving it a star rating at this time, but it is an excellent, reputable way to make money tutoring English online. With VIPKid, people who are fluent or native English speakers sign up to tutor English online to students in China. Tutors must have a bachelor’s degree in any field, and have a year of experience in teaching, tutoring, or mentoring. The tutoring is done during times of peak demand, so tutors must be available during the evenings and weekends on Beijing time, which can be a challenge for tutors living in North America. However, it’s

A Quick Overview of Online Affiliate Programs

One of the most popular and simplest way to make money online is with an affiliate program. Affiliate programs are basically just like any other promotional arrangement; you use your website/blog/social media/influence to suggest that your followers buy particular products, and, if they do, you get a commission. A lot of people like making money as an online affiliate because, when it’s done properly, you can pursue your own interests in your own way, making money by sharing the things you care about with people who also care about it. How Do Online Affiliate Programs Work? While every program has its own specific details, here

nDash Review   I have signed up for nDash and spent some time on the platform, but will refrain from giving it a star rating yet, due to reasons explained further below. nDash is a platform designed for professional writers and content creators to connect with clients who want high-quality services. You don’t get to just sign up to be an nDash writer; you have to apply, and they review your LinkedIn profile and qualifications before they approve you. They also have a Code of Conduct, so to speak; they want you to be open and transparent on the platform, and offer the same. They encourage

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Appen Review Because I haven’t personally used Appen, I’m refraining from giving it a star rating, but we would love to hear your thoughts about the site if you have them. What’s Great About Appen In this day and age, it’s a relief to find a company that has legitimate, decent-paying, remote online jobs that isn’t a scam. Appen is not only not a scam, but it’s one of the better options out there. At the end of 2017, Appen announced that it is acquiring Leapforce, a site with a very similar business model, so we can probably expect these two platforms to converge over time.

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