The internet is full of untrustworthy sites that claim to be helping solopreneurs or people who want to work and make money online, but are actually giving biased and misleading information. There are so many great opportunities out there for people to make a place for themselves working and earning independently, and more resources are created all the time. But the scams and liars make it hard to tell who to trust.

The Freesourcery strives to provide truthful, accurate information, not just about the sites and ways that people can work online, but about how to market yourself for success, adopt the best tools for you, and benefit from the first-hand experience of other people who have been successful in making a living independently, on their own terms.

This is not a site founded by someone who made a million dollars online and is going to sell you their secrets. It’s a site founded by people who pay their rent and keep food on the table by working online. And it’s not a site where we’re going to give you a bunch of good information and then direct you to a bunch of shady affiliate links. It’s intended to offer accurate information, helpful resources, useful tools, and maybe just some support when you need it. We want our readers to be inspired and empowered.

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