FlexJobs.com Review


Earning potential: 5

Quality of the opportunities: 5

Quality of the platform: 5

Overall star rating: 5

FlexJobs.com is an online job board with nothing but remote and flexible jobs. Like most job listing sites, it is searchable with a wide variety of filters, and includes everything from entry-level to C-suite positions. FlexJobs is designed for people who want jobs, not gigs: it is focused on positions that offer regular wages or salary, often with benefits. People should expect to go through a traditional job application process with their resume & cover letter, interviews (by phone or skype), and so on.

Applicants should also expect to complete an I9 and W4 (or the applicable government forms outside of the US), and be paid by direct deposit like a regular employee.

What’s Great About FlexJobs

FlexJobs.com is a fantastic resource for three reasons:

  1. Every job listing is thoroughly screened by their staff, so that the database does not include any scams or gimmicks. As anyone who has looked for flexible and remote jobs knows, this is incredibly valuable, because the listings are rife with weird scams and not real jobs.
  2. FlexJobs also allows you to create a profile and portfolio with your resume, samples, skills, and other tools to market you to employers who use the site to find remote and flexible employees. The search capabilities of the site go both ways; you may be found by employers and recruiters who are looking for people like you.
  3. It is not free to use. While many people who are looking for a job are (understandably) dismayed at the idea that they should pay for a job listing site, the fact that it isn’t free to use use really important and beneficial for you. It means that they are truly serving their customer, the job seeker. You are paying for their staff to find real, high-quality job opportunities, and keeping the site fair, impartial, and free of scams and affiliate schemes. Charging a nominal fee also helps weed out low-quality job seekers as well, improving the candidate pool for employers. While this may seem like a drawback, it’s actually a powerful advantage.

FlexJobs pricing is beyond reasonable. At $15/month, $30/quarter, or $50/year, it’s extremely approachable in price. Subscriptions include:

  • Unlimited access to their 100% real, high-quality job listings
  • Email alerts when new jobs are posted that meet your criteria
  • Job search tips and resources to help your search be more effective
  • A profile and portfolio to make you visible to potential employers
  • Free skills testing to enhance your value to potential employers

FlexJobs Pros:

  • Authentic and legitimate site, run by real people, A+ BBB rating
  • Real and legitimate job listings
  • Convenient and useful search filters
  • Skills testing substantiates your portfolio and resume
  • Job search tips & tricks
  • Potential to market yourself to potential employers

FlexJobs Cons:

  • It isn’t free to use

FlexJobs is recommended for:

FlexJobs is highly recommended for those people who have a solid resume and good experience, who could get a job in their area, but who specifically want to work remotely or flextime. It’s best for people who have been using conventional job listing sites and gotten frustrated trying to find non-scammy remote work.

Flexjobs is not recommended for:

It’s not a great resource for those who have few skills or credentials, or those who are looking for freelance gigs rather than regular employment.

Tips for success with FlexJobs.com:

Since the site costs money, it’s best to be targeted and strategic with your time.

  • Before you sign up: Have a good resume, portfolio and bio, and work samples or portfolio materials together. If necessary, clean up your social media and online presence in expectation of being googled. Update your LinkedIn, if you haven’t already. Get yourself in a good position to start applying for jobs the moment you sign up.
  • Signing up: A single month is probably too optimistic. Subscribe for a quarter, at $30, with the goal of getting a job during that time.
  • During your 3 months: Really commit to the site. Complete your profile thoroughly. Take the skills tests. Read their newsletter and blog and perhaps update your marketing materials accordingly. Set up email alerts. Check for jobs every day, and apply for at least 5 a week. If you don’t get a job in 3 months of committed use, it may not be the site for you, and you can make a more educated decision about whether to cancel or continue your subscription.

FlexJobs.com Conclusion

Overall, it’s a great site with a great reputation and a great track record, and seems like a fantastic resource for people seeking those kinds of opportunities. If you have a personal experience with the site, please share it.

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